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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Annoying Fibroids

1. Dress around them- I started wearing shirts that I can wear a belt around my waist to cover them up. The belts really cover the stomach area where it looks like you have a great waist and a small stomach.

2. Started eating healthy- One of the causes of fibroids is high levels of estrogen. Since our body carries good and bad estrogen, I decided to eat foods that will balance my diet and regulate my hormonal levels. So I cut out the junk and started eating more fruits and vegetables in every meal. When I got a sweet tooth, I would eat a peace of fruit or nibble on dry fruits that contained natural sugars

3. Exercise regularly- One of the major things that regulates your estrogen levels is exercise. I signed up for a gym membership and starting working out 3 times a week taking aerobics classes and strength training to build up my metabolism and muscle

4. Meditation and Person Development- I was having the hardest time dealing with the change of my body. With me being a newlywed and not sure if my husband and I would be able to have children, I had to deal with my self-esteem. I would read my affirmations everyday and mediate for 30 minutes.

Heart Healthy

1. Don’t smoke

2. Lose weight (if overweight)

3. Get regular exercise

4. Eat vegetables.

Heart failure is a chronic condition where the heart muscle grows weaker until it is no longer able to pump enough blood to meet body needs. With organs not getting the blood they need, fluid builds in places it shouldn’t, the lungs, the gastrointestinal tract, the liver and even the arms and legs.

The symptoms often appear slowly, at first only when you’re very active, though over time you might feel breathing problems and some other symptoms even when you’re resting. At age 40 your chance of heart problems at some point during your lifetime is almost one in five.

For the current lifestyle and heart failure study, 38,075 subjects in Finland were examined to compare the chances of heart failure between men and women. After a follow up of 14 years, 638 of the men and 445 of the women had been diagnosed with heart failure.

Even after accounting for risk factors we know impact heart failure (high blood pressure, heart attack history, diabetes), healthy lifestyle choices brought a lower likelihood of disease.

– Those who smoke had an 86% increased chance of heart failure, however women smokers especially saw a 109% increase in risk.

– Men who were considered obese had a 75% higher risk; obese women had a 106% higher risk.

– Men who did regular, moderately intense exercise had a 21% reduced risk; women who exercised at the same level were found to have a 13% reduced risk. More intense types of exercise increased the benefit, by 33% in the males, 39% in the female subjects.

– Everyone who ate veggies 3-6 times a week showed a 26% for men, 27% for women reduced risk of heart failure when compared to those subjects who only ate vegetables on less than one occasion per week.

Researchers suggest that any lifestyle changes you make to stay healthy are beneficial. Theoretically, almost half of heart failure cases that happen in the general population could be prevented if people followed at least three of the four healthy behaviors.

Brain Healthy for Elders

1. What you eat: A lot of really medical solid research in recent years has shown that “we are what we eat” at every age. Older adults will benefit from a diet heavily populated with protein, antioxidants-folic acid is a concentrated source, omega-3 fatty acids-in fish, fruits and vegetables and vitamin B. It is important to stay light on the carbs and trans fats as well.

2. Active is more than sports: We all appreciate that a person who physically works out typically will have a healthier, robust physique. The same is true of the brain. If an older adult does not engage in stimulating games, conversation or other activities, the brain can get the neural equivalent of flabby. Give the brain a work out daily.

3. Be sociable: Pity the older adult who retires and just sits at home in front of a television all day. Socializing keeps the brain active along what the rest of the body. It also reduces the stress we all can accumulate, old and young alike. And one of the great benefits of sociability is the chance to share a good laugh… it is great medicine.

4. If you Snooze you win: It is ironic that one of the best things to do for an older brain also can be one of the hardest to find. Getting a good night’s sleep allows all the parts of the body to repair themselves. The opposite is true also… poor or less sleep negative impact the brain.

5. Don’t stress: Stress is not just hard on the cardiovascular system of an older adult. It also accumulates chemicals in the brain than may damage brain cells and interfere with an older person’s ability to think clearly and effectively. So don’t just get sleep, unload the stressors every day.

Foreclosure Prevention

The first and foremost tip is not to procrastinate. You should never wait until you meet with a devastating effect. Start negotiating with the lenders as early as possible. You can device an emergency exit plan according to your financial status. Do not wait and watch.

The earlier you start to the lenders, the more time you would have to bargain and come up with a viable solution. It is highly recommended to work with a reputed credit counseling group that will help you in foreclosure prevention.

If you had missed any previous payments, do not make it as a habit. Try to clear of all your payments and stay up-to-date. There is always a greater probability to restore mortgage loans by paying the outstanding amount.

If your lender accepts for a change in the terms and conditions, make sure you get it written. All the verbal promises should be taken in written format so as to avoid problems in future. It is important to send mails using certified email delivery services during the time of payments.

This is a time to buckle down, face the facts, and make some serious decisions. A foreclosure history will stay on your record for several years, where a negotiated agreement can stop the negative reporting and you can recover your credit score in the future.

You may have to get a second or a third part time job. Other family members can also pitch in and help with some extra income. This is a crisis that you can overcome with enough thought and hard work.

Foreclosure prevention is of course a tedious task. However, you can easily win over this battle with little financial discipline. It is up to you to save your home and live with respect.