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A Date to the Chiropractor

The date I had last week wasn’t something that I expected to end with a trip to a San Jose chiropractor. It started out as a normal date with me and a woman that I met through a mutual friend. We were having a pretty good time at dinner and decided to go dancing afterward. I’m not the best dancer, but I can get by with the moves I know. We were both dancing together, and I did something that caused me to have a pain in my back that would stop. The pain was so bad that I really couldn’t walk without help. I had to ask my date to contact a chiropractor and take me to him for help.

My date told me that it would probably be better if I went to the emergency room since I was in intense pain, but I told her that the chiropractor would probably be able to see me faster, and I wouldn’t have to pay as much for treatment. My date was able to get hold of the chiropractor and he agreed to see me as soon as I was able to get to his office. My date helped me into the car and she got into the driver’s seat. My car was a stick shift, which she didn’t know how to use because she has only driven automatic before, so I had to tell her how to adjust the gears.

We were able to get to the chiropractor thanks to my coaching and her driving. The chiropractor examined me and determined the cause of my pain. He gave me some medication to relieve it, along with a prescription to be filled and an order to rest so that my back could heal. Despite everything, I have another date with the woman.