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Category Archives: Health

A Date to the Chiropractor

The date I had last week wasn’t something that I expected to end with a trip to a San Jose chiropractor. It started out as a normal date with me and a woman that I met through a mutual friend. We were having a pretty good time at dinner and decided to go dancing afterward. I’m not the best dancer, but I can get by with the moves I know. We were both dancing together, and I did something that caused me to have a pain in my back that would stop. The pain was so bad that I really couldn’t walk without help. I had to ask my date to contact a chiropractor and take me to him for help.

My date told me that it would probably be better if I went to the emergency room since I was in intense pain, but I told her that the chiropractor would probably be able to see me faster, and I wouldn’t have to pay as much for treatment. My date was able to get hold of the chiropractor and he agreed to see me as soon as I was able to get to his office. My date helped me into the car and she got into the driver’s seat. My car was a stick shift, which she didn’t know how to use because she has only driven automatic before, so I had to tell her how to adjust the gears.

We were able to get to the chiropractor thanks to my coaching and her driving. The chiropractor examined me and determined the cause of my pain. He gave me some medication to relieve it, along with a prescription to be filled and an order to rest so that my back could heal. Despite everything, I have another date with the woman.

Must be Stay Fit and Healthy

Your first step would be to assess your current state and work on the areas that need improvement. You may need to vary your routine, so that exercising becomes a pleasure, not a torture. Consider your options – a walk in the park, swimming at the club, home exercise equipment – perhaps you can attempt something new every day so that it does not become a chore.

Whatever your choice, weight training to build muscle, aerobic fitness for the lungs and heart and stretching exercises should be a part of your plan. It is important to remember that while exercising, you need to pay attention to your diet. Depending on the length of your work-outs, your diet will affect the fuel used by your body. Weight training and exercise may increase your calorie intake almost to 1500 per day. Your diet will need proteins, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. Plenty of water is necessary to avoid dehydration. Eating frequent small meals may be better than two large meals. Avoid junk food and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Once you are on a roll, you will need to balance your activities to suit your life style and daily routine. Consider all your options, and get started with what you can achieve and slowly build up momentum until you reach your goal. Once there, maintain it so that you are on an even keel.

Only you can decide what is best for you and how much your body can take. So, do not stress yourself or overdo your work-out, and remember that your diet is as important as your exercise.
A healthy diet, without depriving yourself of foods that you desire can be worked out by substituting other foods.

Once you have worked out a routine, even if it has taken a while to keep to your regime, the rewards of a fit and healthy body are worth all the effort that has gone into developing a new person.

Healthy Fiber Facts

You haven’t really taken a good look at fiber sources and what is it in them that can do all the healthy stuff you read or hear about. Here are just a few of the amazing fiber facts:

1. Grains are the most common sources of fiber. Dietary fiber is simply plant matter that is not easily digestible. Whole grain and concentrated grain products are great fiber sources. Unfortunately, although these are really healthy foods, most people will stay away from them, perhaps because of the bland taste.

2. Fiber rich foods are known to lower bad cholesterol which is the cause of most chronic diseases such as hypertension, stroke, cardiac diseases, kidney ailments and colon cancer. With the right amount of fiber, you can reverse the effect of high cholesterol that usually comes from consuming too much animal fat.

3. Foods rich in fiber aid in digestion and can help one get rid of constipation. It stimulates enzymes in the digestive tract that results to better waste elimination and proper digestion of nutrients.

4. When you consume fiber rich foods, you will be able to avoid overeating. Fiber sources take longer to chew and to digest, resulting to a feeling of being full for a longer time.

5. Fruits and vegetables are often rich in fiber, and the fibrous structure of these foods does not easily break down even after cooking.

Reducing Sugar Intake

1. Pass up on prepackaged foods.

Sugar or any of its components are added by food producers in their canned or frozen products, such as those stuck-into-the-microwave, ready-to-use foodstuff you use for your Italian meal preparations like spaghetti or pizza. You can make your meals healthier by buying fresh foodstuff and personally preparing the ingredients that you need.

2. Stick to organic.

When sugar craving hits you, go for unprocessed alternatives such as fruits, honey or molasses. These are better for your health than refined sugars, such as the white sugar that you put in cakes and cookies and candies, brown sugar and corn syrup.

3. Sugar Capping.

Fix your day by day consumption of sugar and stick to it. No tricks! Give up puddings or confectionaries after meals. Your passion for sweets grows less when you get used to skipping desserts.

4. Protein-rich foods as Sugar Stabilizers

Keep yourself hale and hearty by maintaining a diet stuffed with food products rich in protein. Go heavy on meats, fish, chicken, egg, and dairy products like milk, cheese and butter. Protein steadies blood sugar upsurge.

5. Food Nutritional Label Review

Food manufacturers have learned the art of hiding their sugar contents through the use of different names, among them, sucrose, glucose, fructose, dextrose, lactose, and maltose. Scrutinize the list of ingredients at the back of your grocery food products and spurn those with these names in their labels.

6. Go high on fiber, low-carb food

Stuff yourself with meals packed with fiber but low in carbohydrates. Eat plenty of oats, whole wheat pasta, the various types of beans like black beans, kidney beans, lima beans, lentils and soybeans. Pick whole grain foods for a stuffed feeling.

Lowering Cholesterol Levels

Eliminate saturated fats from our diet. This means avoid processed meats all together and eat lean meats and low fat dairy products.

Never cook with Palm oil or Coconut oil as they are both high in saturated fat.

Avoid margarine, cakes, biscuits and snack foods like chips and corn chips as they are high in trans fatty acids.

To help lower your cholesterol levels and improve your diet, eat fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and whole grains on a daily basis and incorporate at every meal during your weight loss plan.

2 tablespoons of olive oil a day will lower your LDL or bad cholesterol within one week.

Walnuts and almonds are the best nut available in lowering LDL’s. Eat a small handful a day and watch your cholesterol levels drop. They are an essential food in your weight loss plan.

An avocado a day can lower your LDL by 17 per cent.

Porridge is a rich source of soluble fibre which forms a kind of gel in your intestine that reduces the amount of fat you eat. Porridge is an excellent weight loss food.

Prunes, barley, beans, eggplant and asparagus are great sources of soluble fibre and are fantastic weight loss foods.

Use fresh garlic daily or take garlic tablets daily. Garlic contains a compound called allicin which is thought to lower cholesterol considerably. The more garlic you eat, the better results you will get.

Drinking ginger tea will also help. (grated ginger and boiling water)

Use the spices Rosemary, cinnamon and turmeric as their potent antioxidant properties help lower cholesterol.
Thirty minutes of exercise a day will dramatically improve your health and reduce the overall risk of heart disease and stroke plus it will speed up your weight loss results.

Take Spirulina. This protein rich form of algae lowers both LDL or bad cholesterol and total cholesterol results.
If you smoke, have high blood pressure, diabetes or are overweight, you are at risk of heart disease
Cardiovascular disease is one of our biggest causes of death. It also costs billions of dollars in health care.

Change of lifestyle and lowering your weight can make a huge difference in lowering cholesterol levels. Don’t waste another minute. Take steps towards lowering your cholesterol through a healthy diet and exercise today.

Get Rid of Unwanted Fat

1. Keep Your Mind Healthy

If you have a lot of chaos of drama going on in your life, it is going to be hard to concentrate on losing and weight and getting healthy. If you need counseling, now is the time to get it. There are many online resources that can help you get through the rough times. If you are an emotional eater, it will be hard to lose the weight if you do not find a way to stop using food as comfort.

2. Plan your meals

To avoid side effects, it is advised to simply eat well-balanced meals. Eat a variety of food, each coming from the four food groups.

Increase intake of whole grains, oats, nuts, berries and green vegetables. These kinds of food are high in dietary fiber. Fibers help in quick and smooth digestion. They also aid in regular and easy bowel movement. Water-soluble fibers take more time to digest. They stay in the stomach for a longer period. This will give a longer sensation of being full.

Another good idea is to keep a pocket notebook. Write down anything that goes into your mouth. It is also a good practice to read food labels. Note the nutritional values, too. This way, you can compute and manage your daily calorie intake.

3. Keep your body active, wherever you are

Having no time for a gym is not an excuse for lack of exercise. You can use your office or your home to get those muscles working. Remember, the fats will burn only if the body is using them.

Good Nutrition

Every meal should consist of a balance of complex carbohydrates (brown rice, wheat bread, pasta, etc.,) also simple carbohydrates (fruit), lean proteins (chicken, egg whites, fish) and or low fat dairy products that contain high amounts of protein (cottage cheese, yogurt etc.). Use minimal amounts of fats, examples of good fat would be: all natural peanut butter, olive oil, almonds, avocados, and flax seed oil.

An example of a great breakfast would be 3 egg whites, a piece of wheat toast with a tbs. Of natural peanut butter, and an apple. A healthy snack would be a cup of low fat cottage cheese, a hand full of grapes and maybe some baby carrots with a tablespoon of non-fat ranch dip. A perfect dinner would consist of a 6-ounce piece of halibut, a side of broccoli, and a 4-ounce baked potato with a tbsp. of non-fat sour cream!

For quicker results, always pick some kind of lean protein to eat first, and then match it with a complex carbohydrate rather than a simple sugar. This will even out your blood sugar so your body will burn fat rather than excess sugar in your blood stream!

Water is a very important part of your nutrition, we can’t live without it and our body is made up mostly of water. Keeping yourself hydrated is a great fat metabolizer, and will flush out any toxins. Try to drink a gallon of water per day, start with a half and work up to a gallon. Try a slice of lemon or orange to give it a fresh taste.

Cooking Tips: never fry your food, always broil, bake, barbecue, roast or steam foods in water. Avoid adding unnecessary fat or oil. Non-fat cooking sprays are OK in moderations; eliminate butter all together. Remove skin and fat from chicken or meats. Spices are OK but avoid salt or any spices with sodium in them.

Healthy Plan For Busy Lifestyle

Planning – What do you hope to achieve in the way of improved health? Although it might seem like that for some people, staying healthy doesn’t JUST happen. It requires effort and careful dedication from each individual. It also requires a fair amount of planning. In order to stay healthy during your busy weeks you will have to effective plan ahead. If you intend on taking works three times a week you will need to create a space in your busy schedule when you can have these walks. You will also need to plan your daily dietary habits. By carefully planning for what you hope to achieve you will be more likely of staying dedicated to your goals.

Exercise – As much as people might wish otherwise, there is no denying the importance of exercising. Whilst a lot can be achieved by paying attention to your diet, even more can be gained from the efforts of exercises. There are far too many advantages of exercises. They allow you to get your body and various organs into better shape. Your muscles are also toned from the results of your exercise.

More importantly, exercising regularly limits the risk of developing injuries by keeping us fit and healthy. They reduce a person’s risk of developing heart conditions and improve the blood and sugar levels of a person. They also play an effective role in keeping a person’s cholesterol and fat levels on a lower side.

Setting a few hours aside during the week in order to get some exercise is a great way of ensuring that you stay healthy despite your busy schedule. There are many gyms or groups which you can register with. These will provide you with an outlet for exercising as well as one for socializing. Most people who choose such options find that they provide a welcomed outlet for the relief of stress and tension in the body.

Healthy For Beautiful Look

Health and care work together. A face pack not only cleanses your skin and pores, but it also keeps your skin taut. Oily skins secrete more oil and attract dirt which clogs the pores. A couple of healthy tips include mashing strawberries with a teaspoon of brandy, 2 spoons of breadcrumbs, 2 spoons of fuller’s earth and a few drops of rose water. Mix well and apply on your face and neck for 20 minutes. Strawberries have Vitamin C and acidic properties that leave the skin sparkling and clean. Other healthy tips include a cleanser. Avoid soap and always cleanse your face at night.

There are certain healthy tips that you need to follow with regard to your hands and feet. Soak your feet in warm water for 5 minutes and rub with pumice stone. Apply cold cream. Keep knees smooth by rubbing them with fresh lime juice. Your hands get the maximum exposure. For chapped hands in winter, wash with lukewarm water before going to bed, apply milk cream and put on a pair of gloves – wash hands in the morning. By adhering to these simple healthy tips, you can take care of your body and achieve a beautiful look.

Annoying Fibroids

1. Dress around them- I started wearing shirts that I can wear a belt around my waist to cover them up. The belts really cover the stomach area where it looks like you have a great waist and a small stomach.

2. Started eating healthy- One of the causes of fibroids is high levels of estrogen. Since our body carries good and bad estrogen, I decided to eat foods that will balance my diet and regulate my hormonal levels. So I cut out the junk and started eating more fruits and vegetables in every meal. When I got a sweet tooth, I would eat a peace of fruit or nibble on dry fruits that contained natural sugars

3. Exercise regularly- One of the major things that regulates your estrogen levels is exercise. I signed up for a gym membership and starting working out 3 times a week taking aerobics classes and strength training to build up my metabolism and muscle

4. Meditation and Person Development- I was having the hardest time dealing with the change of my body. With me being a newlywed and not sure if my husband and I would be able to have children, I had to deal with my self-esteem. I would read my affirmations everyday and mediate for 30 minutes.